Modem quang 16 cổng E1 | FMUX01A

FMUX01A là modem quang có 4 khe cắm (slot), hỗ trợ các loại giao diện E1, V.35, Ethernet, RS232...

Vì vậy FMUX01A có thể cung cấp rất nhiều cấu hình tuỳ theo yêu cầu, khả năng nâng cấp linh hoạt

Modem quang 16E1 V.35 Ethernet

The FMUX01-A is a single unit (1U), 19" rack mountable, E1/T1, Datacom & Ethernet Bridge Multiplexer that transmits up to 16 channels over a single fiber optic link. The FMUX01-A features a modular design that provides a wide variety of customized user configurations. The optical fiber interface modules are available in single mode or multi-mode fiber connections and a number of connector types. The FMUX01-A chassis is available in five different power configurations: single AC, single DC, dual AC, dual DC or AC+DC. The AC supplies operate from 90~260VAC while DC supplies operate from 20~60VDC. From the rear of the chassis, one to four quad E1 or T1 line cards, datacom (V.35, X.21, RS-530), or Ethernet Bridge cards are supported. All line cards provide completely transparent transmission of E1, T1, datacom, or Ethernet regardless of frame mode or timeslot assignment. Optional hardware cards are also available for external clock and SNMP. The standard FMUX01A configuration may be viewed or set via the front panel LCD/menu keys, serial VT-100 terminal connection or Telnet/SNMP with SNMP option.

DCMA Protected